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An Earth Tower

arth tower is a fourth level dungeon that contains 30 levels with mini-bosses on floors 10 and 20 and a Tyrant on floor 30. Chests can be found on floors 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28, 29,and 30.


Floor 10 - Elite Electric Zombie (green)

Floor 20 - Elite Reptilian Beast (dark blue)

Floor 30 - Tyrant


Harpy red, yellow, green, black

Reptilian Beast yellow, red, dark blue

Goblin blue, yellow?, purple

Electric Zombie red, yellow, green, light blue?

Automatron yellow, blue, red, purple, pink

Iron Golem gold, blue, red, black

Triffid red, yellow, blue

Earth Elemental red, green?, purple, dark grey?

Djinni orange, blue, pink, green, dark blue?

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