A first level dungeon containing 10 levels with a mini boss and chest on level 5 and the final boss and chest at level 10.


Floor 1Edit

Harpy - Blue

Floor 2Edit

Reptilian Beast  - Green

Floor 3Edit

Reptilian Beast - Green

Floor 4Edit

Reptilian Beast - Green

Goblin - Yellow

Floor 5Edit

Elite Electric Zombie - Mini Boss

Floor 6Edit

Electric Zombie - Grey

Floor 7Edit

Electric Zombie - Grey

Floor 8Edit

Earth Elemental

Electric Zombie - Grey

Floor 9Edit


Harpy - Blue

Goblin - Yellow

Floor 10Edit

Elite Reptilian Beast - Final Boss

Mini BossEdit

Elite Electric Zombie

  • Health: 300
  • Damage:
  • Mana: Electricity-Mana-16px
  • Experience: 40
  • Spells: Galvanic Spasm, Shock

Final bossEdit

Elite Reptilian Beast

Elite Reptilian Beast

  • Health: ~950
  • Damage: 237-274(splash)
  • Mana: Water-Mana-16px
  • Experience: 129
  • Spells: Splash
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