Crumbling Wicked Grave A typical level 1 Earth Dungeon

There are three types of Dungeons: Fire, Earth and Water. Each type has different beasts to fight. There are also three levels of Dungeons. Level 1 Dungeons cost 5MP per floor and have 10 floors. Level 2 dungeons cost 8MP per floor and have 15 floors. Level 3 Dungeons only appear in World View once you reach Level 8 in the game and cost 11MP per floor with 20 floors total. Level 4 dungeons cost 14MP and are visible at level 10. They appear as large towers similar to some castle or cathedral towers. They are only located in large cities and are visible in the world level.

NOTE: Dungeons are also visible at Street Level view but will look different (Like caves) and are much harder to tell apart.


A dungeon in street view

A good tip for figting in dungeons is to always fight the hardest you can. For example beating just floor 1 of a level 2 dungeon can pay off more XP for the MP you invest than finishing a whole level 1 dungeon. 


The loot collected in a dungeon has a level that depends on level of the dungeon. In a level 4 dungeon, the loot collected usually is ranked level 15. Meaning that if you are level 13 and enter a dungeon level 4, the loot will not be usable before you reach level 15.

Visible from Warning for player level Loot level
Dungeon level 1 1 - 1-5
Dungeon level 2 1 <5 ?
Dungeon level 3 8 ? ?
Dungeon level 4 10 <15 15

Water DungeonsEdit


Water Level 1

Water Level 2

Water Level 3

Water Tower

Fire Edit


Fire Level 1

Fire Levesdasdfasdfcxzccvvzxcvcxv 2

Fire Level 3

Fire Tower



Earth Level 1

Earth Level 2

Earth Level 3

Earth Tower

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