There are different types of monsters in dungeons. Within each type, there are different levels of difficulty that can be identified by color. The order of strength from weakest to strongest is as follows:



Order of AttackEdit

Unless there is a single über-powerful monster, the following is a good order of attack:

  1. Triffids (Their poison ability can push mana off of your mana stack, and is used to poison your party)
  2. Automatrons
  3. Earth Elemental
  4. Goblin
  5. Harpy
  6. Djinni and Golem (beneficial to save for last to regenerate mana for the next level

After running through floors a good bit youll start to realise what enemies you have to worry about. For instance Automatrons that are weaker can be saved for later as you can just stagger lock them. Also you may run into a group with a hard hitting Goblin or Harpy and it may be benificial to take them out first. Golems although usually easily dealt with may want to be taken out early in the round if its a red golem, or if theres multiple golems as there attack get stronger with more metal mana and multiple golems means fast mana building. Eventually a balance will be achieved and youll find the best order of attack for yourself.

First of all, the chart above is absolutely, totally Bogus. Disregard it. Color does not always indicate strength. I saw this chart when I was up against a Yellow Champion Minion - Minions aren't even mentioned, nor Imps... Has the creator/editor ever been in a Fire Dungeon? That yellow minion almost killed my level 18 strong monk with two blows at full hp.

I also totaly disagree with the "strategy" above. It must have been written by a noob or maybe the game was different back then. Some monsters - Goblins, Harpys and Imps, esp the champion variety (pay atention to names as the floor begins) are very dangerous on the first turn, with no mana at all. If possible, do not let them get more than one shot off and don't rain until after the goblin's turn unless you absolutely have to. Better to have full defense. Goblins also do not generate mana, so you have no idea whether they are going to strike or consume your latest mana and reduce your whole party's offensive abilty.

IMHO, Goblins, Imps and Harpys are the most dangerous and should be killed ASAP.

There is also no mention of zombies, very dagerous when combined with an Automaton or another goblin.

This needs a total do-over. I'll try to make it back when I have time. Meantime, ask for help in Global Chat!


Monster Weakness Resists Dungeon(s)
Red Automatron Automatron Water-Mana-16px Electricity-Mana-16px Water,? 
Green Bubble Bubble Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px Water,?
DemonOrange Demon Water-Mana-16px Fire-Mana-16px Fire
Djinni Green Djinni - - Fire, Earth, ?
Earth-Elemental Earth Elemental Fire-Mana-16px Electricity-Mana-16px Earth
ElectricZombie Electric Zombie Fire-Mana-16px Electricity-Mana-16px All
FireMinion1 Fire Minion Water-Mana-16px Fire-Mana-16px Fire
BlueO Goblin - - All
Blue Harpy Harpy Electricity-Mana-16px Air-Mana-16px All
BlueIceMinion Ice Minion Fire-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px Water
Blue Imp Imp ? Fire-Mana-16px Fire
RedIron Golem Iron Golem None Fire-Mana-16pxElectricity-Mana-16px All
Reptilian-Beast Reptilian Beast Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px All
Triffid Triffid Fire-Mana-16px Forest-Mana-16px Earth
Blue Water Element Water Elemental Electricity-Mana-16px Water-Mana-16px? Water
Fire Tower, Earth Tower
Water Titan
Water Titan
Water Tower

More info for each monster type can be found on the individual pages below.

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