Items are non-equippable and are generally for a specific purpose. They may be found in the profile under stash (with the exception of keys).



The three frames

Levels and FramesEdit

An equipments relative power is shown by its level and the color of its frames

The level of equipment shows what level you must be to equip it and is a good indicator of its power

The color of an equipments frame shows its power relative to other items of the same level. A gold framed item is rarer and more powerful than a silver framed items and a silver framed item is rarer than a copper framed item.


Equipment may have a modifier beside there name. A modifier indicates what bonuses an item (i.e. Bonus Dmg, Healing, or XP rate)


Each class has a specific weapon only they can use (e.g. Stones are unusable only by Mages).


Like weapons, each class has a specific armor type only they can use. Unlike weapons there is a fourth type of armor which all classes can wear.


All classes can use any accesory and only 1 accessory may be equipped at a time

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