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How to Enter City View Edit

On the world map you will see your banner, similar to the one at right, hovering over the map. When you select your banner, you will be taken to City View.

Note: If you are unable to get in to city view, see below under Known City View Issues.

Chests Edit

There are three types of chests that you can find in City View. Two chests require MP to open and can reward gold and/or XP.

The more elaborate chests require a key to open and are typically found in more populated areas. These chests always contain gold and can also contain gems and/or equipment, much like a chest you would open in a dungeon.

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Mana Chest

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Chests in City View

At the top center is a mana chest. These give XP only. The amount of XP can range from 13 to 50 (rough estimate) The amount of mana will differ for each chest. These chests are typically found on the edges of the map in city view.

There are 2 chests here. one middle left and one middle top. These chests require keys to open. Keys can be found in dungeons or gained by completing quests. After you open a chest there will be a count down of 1 min before the chest will replenish. If another player raids the chest before you, you will be notified. This will not use up one of your keys.

Getting New Quests Edit

While in City View, you may see an icon spinning above a building. If you click on the building with the icon above it, you will enter the building and will be offered a quest.

There is no limit to how many quests you can pick up. After you accept a quest you may see a new icon in the city if there are more available quests.

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Quest Icon

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The Quest

Once you are inside, read the quest details and click on the accept button. After you accept it will return you to the building as if you had entered it without the quest. 

Gaining Influence Edit

To gain Influence, select a building and press and hold on the Influence symbol in the middle. You will get Gold, XP, and 1 Influence at the cost of 5 MP.

To learn more about Influence, see the main page.               

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Known City View Issues Edit

If your game gets stuck on the loading screen when you select your banner, then your city may not be populated in the game yet. To solve this you must travel to a more populated city such as Chicago. (St. Louis will not work as of right now) 

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