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• 2/20/2013


- In game chat: find a way to highlight or darken the characters pics so to know if the are indeed in the chat room, "dungeoning" or actaully offline;
- It would be nice to be able to give items outside of your own team. That is a pain in the a.s to have to disband your team just to give some objects to a noob. Being nice made uneasy.
That's it for now.
Good or wrong, faisable or irrealistic, please let me know.
Great, great game. Trully. A step further in strategy gaming games. The best of worlds: Magic the Gathering/ Diablo/ Location based/ real-time/ teams/MMORPG Wow !!! What an Alchemy.
I am convinced that I am witnessing the apparition of a new kind of game and gaming. Like for Magic the G., your ancesto (did start in the U.S. at the very beginning as well) people just notice a great game, but what you are intending, what it means, and what it will potentially become. I will stay aware to this evolution ...
Congratulations, you're trully great.
A. Jouve (IRL)
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• 2/18/2013

Street view : driving

What is meant by "driving to another city?" When I travel and in my home view, I see only a small area of about a square mile. Is "driving" a way to extend that area?
Also, I live outside of a city, so there are no buildings in my home street view. I cannot travel to the nearest city which is about 60 miles away, so how do I get there?
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• 2/10/2013

Bonus Dmg, Crit Chance, Crit Dmg... just for base attack or boosts spells too?

I'm wondering if weapon damage and crit bonuses affect you as a character or just weapon attacks?
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• 2/9/2013

Wont load local area

When I select my banner it wont load up the local area. Is this feature only available in certain larger cities?
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• 2/7/2013


Is there any set formats (for instance from another wiki) that everyone wants to use for the different pages?
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• 2/7/2013

Monster Spells

Do you think we should have a seperate page for them or just post them under the pages of the monsters
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• 2/7/2013

Which element is strongest against another?

Like fire is good against earth, but what about the others?
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